MILANO DESIGN‘s goal is to offer a new brand concept that combines Italianness, fashion, innovation and technology.

A modern, totally original brand to meet the needs of today’s different way of living, creating objects endowed with functional beauty thanks to a wide range of unique sensory experiences, where products are made with people and their requirements the number one priority.

italianness, fashion, design and


MILANO DESIGN is an up-and-coming, ambitious brand that embodies the values of an iconic city, transforming beauty to be admired with the eyes into beauty you can experience, ideas into objects, modernity into everyday living, form into content, and aspirations into tangible objects.



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cersaie 2021

cersaie 2021

Milano Design is an up-and-coming, ambitious brand that embodies the values of an iconic city, transforming beauty to be admired with the...

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The experience of purchasing MILANO DESIGN products involves the five traditional senses and transcends them using virtual technology.

The perception of colors and of forms, the enveloping fragrances of the spaces, the sound design in the background, the range of surfaces and materials to be touched, and the local produce to be tasted are combined
in a virtual journey that elevates the physical one.

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MILANO DESIGN is a company that relies on a network of partners
and external resources in strategic sectors and services to help it optimize processes and meet the increasingly demanding needs of a growing market.

Operating in Italy and Europe, the company is looking towards the future with the aim of conquering new markets in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and South America through the luxury, retail, DIY and e-commerce channels.

MILANO DESIGN’s starting point is creativity and Italian design which it uses to provide new solutions in bathroom fittings, adopting a client-focused approach and a handy capability to adapt production processes quickly, with a view to sustainability.

new solutions

in bathroom fittings.


is revealed every day

The beauty of MILANO DESIGN products is revealed every day in all their aesthetic and functional harmony, to create an extraordinary, complete sensory experience.



The inspirations and the moods that are the life and soul of the MILANO DESIGN brand image and collection are the brainchild of the architect Simone Micheli and the designer Maurizio Scutellà; a collection that is fluid and emotion-inspiring, that swathes bathroom fittings, accessories, furniture and mirrors with elegance.